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The west window facing Elizabeth Street, had been furnished by the EPWORTH LEAGUE and bore
 the emblem of that society with the open bible.

The Methodist Church
Dedicated on Fennville's Main Street in October 1898
The Methodist Church was located at the N.E. corner of Main and Elizabeth on land donated
by Dwight R. and son  JOHN HULSE CRANE.   The corner stone of the church was laid
June 10, 1893, the bell was purchased in 1897 and the completed church of brick
with wood trim was dedicated in October 1898. View the "1873 TOWN MAP".

A busy day on Main street in 1907.
The steeple stands out well.
The main tower of the church was 80 feet high, originally with an open belfry
but closed in 1939 and chimes added.
An enlarged fellowship hall with kitchen and pastor's study was added about 1925.

Here in the 1930's,
 it looks like a gas station
located on NW corner.
A portion of  window facing main street is now owned by Bob Crane where it is on
display at CRANE's PANTRY.
Bob is the great-great-great-grandson of Fenn.

Read more history of the church in "THE EARLY YEARS".
A similar Methodist Church still existists - In THREE OAKS, Michigan.