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The B-24 Liberator - MISS AMERICA
Last Piloted by Fennville's Lt. Frank Marfia
Frank Marfia's home was at  644 E. Main in Fennville. He was a farmer before the war.
 In 1943 he was an Air Cadet at the Pacific Air School of Fort Stockton, TX.

On the 13th of November, 1943 The "MISS AMERICA",
From the 392nd Bomb Group, on it's 133rd mission,
was shot down and it crashed into the North Sea (killed in action).
All 10 of the plane's crew were lost
"Miss America", the B-24H-1-FO #427503 Liberator was manufactured by FORD at WILL RUN.

The 392nd Bomb Group flew B-24 LIBERATORS out of WENDLING - Norfolk, England from August 1943 until April 1945. They were the first Group to be given B-24H Liberators, the first B-24 model that was fitted with a nose turret on the production line, an adaptation that increasing the ability of crews to fight enemy aircraft flying head on with the bomber. The Group was awarded one Distinguished Unit Citation for bombing an aircraft and components factory at Gotha on 24 February 1944, as part of the Big Week of assaults on German aircraft targets. After the invasion of mainland Europe the Group supported the airborne invasion of Holland and assault across the Rhine by Allied paratroops. . From: AmericanAirMuseum.com
"Miss America" 2015; Julia Olson from Sioux Falls, SD, discovered a 94 year old crew member of
the B-24 Liberator who was still living. He, of course, flew in the plane on different mission, 27 in fact.
His name is Howard Jensen and he was the B-24's Flight Engineer (Navigator).
Howard said, "she was (the bomb) but because she was a little rough, the plane was often ridiculed by other pilots during the war. "If we had some B-17 people hitchhiking back our way when we'd go to Rome or Naples, they'd say 'what you flying?' B-24, well maybe we can catch a truck," Jensen joked.

This information was on a video provided by Keloland.com where Julia and Howard met.
Howard had this photo with his initials over were he sat in the plane.
The tail gunner's initials (Ken Tesch) were there also.

How the missions were recorded the B-24