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HISTORY of Pottawatomie Indians of this area.
The Potawatomi name is a translation of the Ojibwe "potawatomink" meaning "people of the place of fire."
This refers to the role of the Potawatomi as the keeper of the council fire

.....As early as 1825 the American Fur Company had an Indian trading post at what would later be called Mack's Landing, a spot along the Kalamazoo river about four miles up river from Saugatuck where there was a small flat piece of land handy for the loading of boats.
.....After the fur traders had departed early settler James McCormick, who lived across the townline road from Harrison Hutchins and just east of Alvin Hutchins in 1837, used to keep his boat tied up at the place, and so it became known as Mack's Landing.
.....The river boat that ran from Richmond to Saugatuck (occasionally going as far upriver as Allegan) made an intermediate stop at Mack's Landing for passengers, trade goods, and fruit to be transhiped on the lake steamers at Saugatuck  The Alice Purdy, built by Philetus Purdy and other investors in 1881 carried on the trade until it burned in the 1890's.
     Maps of 1895 and 1913 show the spot on the river as Purdy's Landing, although it continued to be known lovally as Mack's Landing and that was the name taken by the school. About the turn of the century the river began taking a northerly course in the broad swampy valley near Mack's Landing, a section of of the river known as INDIAN CUT. There many actions used in trying to change the river course but a path to Mack's landing was maintained. The school became part of the Fennville district in June 27, 1950.



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