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After the war; THE WOMEN'S CLUB received a PLAQUE, HONORING the clubs members and sons.
View: "HONOR ROLL" plaque.
THE WOMEN'S CLUB, in January of 1942, headed a campaign to get books for the army and navy, every citizen was urged to donate from their personal library and extras culled from the Club library and sent to army posts. Club workers tell the story of the day a group met to finish packing used clothing to be shipped out on the Pere Marquette to a collection point in Grand Rapids for war relief. "We had 4,239 pounds of clothing packed in four wooden boxes and 86 cartons. It was the last day of working and we were all so tired," one worker recalls. We were finally done and getting ready to go when Anne Crane couldn't find her coat. We had packed it in one of the boxes!" After a search the coat was recovered and the shipment made the train.  Please view page: "WWII IN FENNVILLE".
The OLD Fennville Library