By Kit Lane

Table of Contents
01. The Beginnings of Fennville
02. E. A. Fenn Arrives in Michigan
03. First Settlers in the Swamp
04. Fenn's Mill and Others
05. The Fire of 1871
06. The Coming of the Railroad
07. Fenn's Mill Becomes Fennville
08. Early Sportsmen in the Woods
09. The Village of Fennville
10. The Methodist Society
11. Logging after the Fire
12. The Fennville Milling Company
13. Robbers on the C. & W. M. R. R.
14. Down at the HO-tel
15. The Early Fruit Industry
16. The Old State Bank of Fennville
17. ‘Turning on the Lights’
18. The New Brick Church
19. The Main Street Schoolhouse
20. Building Roads
21. ‘Hello, Central...’
22. Dickinson Brothers’ Hardware Co.
23. The Fennville Herald
24. Fennville at the Turn of the Century
25. Reminiscenses of Fennville Pioneers