The advertising above was Coleman Davison's art work. Vern worked here in 50's.
The store was three buildings wide,

A 30's Photo with OUR Theater to on photo  above to see inside

A 40's photo, theater still there. Store had two doors then, IN & OUT, being in center of awning area. White area, right of awning was Freezer-Locker area.
Vern took this photo as a kid.


Photo left: a 1963 Photo, IN & OUT doors moved to where theater had just closed.

..See: Christmas 52  Christmas 56 or Work 1956

Here is Jim cutting meat scraps.  We can tell because the pan in front of him was used to take meat into the cooler behind him where the meat was ground.

This area was behind Freezer-Locker area in above  40's photo....

Tom Como is cutting the rind off a slab of bacon. He will then slice it on the electric slicer, shown in 2nd photo below, at left edge. The cabinet behind Tom was our 1st aid kit which was used
almost every other day by somebody.
John Coxford had the job every weekly morning to hand dip the hot melted fat, out of the big cooker behind him, into a 50 gallon barrel. The cloth over the barrel is an apron such he is wearing.  The fat came from the pork trimmings saved for this purpose. The cooking was done over night. Remaining in the cooker were about 3 cubic feet of rinds. They were put in the press, in front of John, and all the fat squeezed out. the results were cracklings, sold for animal food....
Larry Morse was packaging the cooled fat, now called lard, sized to customers tastes.  This work was accomplished behind the counter when no customers needed assistance....
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