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Fennville Memorial Park
(Memorial Paradise Park)
LaVerne Bouwman's little grandson, LEO, is heading for the slide.
"LaVerne Bouwman", The author of this web page, is trying to add to the history of Fennville. It's his home town.
The photo above was taken in June of 2011 by LaVerne's Daughter,
Kelly Hjelmeland
They claim that the Park Playground is "ONE OF THE BEST" Leo has ever played on.
Aerial view the Fennville Park
Troop 2 Raises the flag.
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July 12, 2011    -    CLICK IMAGE FOR TROOP 2 NEWS
LaVerne was a Boy Scout here, way back in 1948. He was forever a Scout TENDERFOOT :)
Roger Webb was our Scout Master and we met in the Old American Legion Hall on Maple Street.
View "1948 SCOUTING"!