Alvin and Clois (Fuller) Hutchins
From three sketches created in 19th and 20th Century History

     ALVIN HUTCHINS, who reside on section 36, Saugatuck township, Allegan County, is one of the substantial farmers of that county, and is indebted to his own industry and perseverance for the position which he now holds.  He owns one hundred acres of highly improved land, which is devoted to fruit growing and general farming.  His parents, David and Sally (Burnell) Hutchins, were natives of New York and Connecticut, respectively.  Alvin was b. in Brandon, Rutland County, Vermont April 5, 1809.  He was brought up to the occupation of a farmer, and while a boy worked for years in the cotton and woolen mills.  As he was the oldest son, he was obliged to assist his father in the support of the family and remained with him until he was twenty four years of age, when he started a life for himself.

<>     On June 18, 1834, when he was twenty five years old, Alvin Hutchins in Monroe County, New York was happily married to Clois C. Fuller, b. December 15, 1816.  They settled in Carthage, New York where he was occupied as a teamster.  Their union has been blessed with three children while living in New York.  Sarah, b. June 18, 1835; Minerva, b. September 9, 1837; William Waterman, b. October 14, 1840.

<>     Mr. Hutchins arrived in Allegan County, Michigan, August 26, 1844 at the age of 35 with but twenty five cents as his entire capital. This is the same date recorded for the birth of their 4th child, Cornelia, b. August 26, 1844.  By the kindness of his brother Harrison, whose sketch appears elsewhere, Alvin was given shelter for his family, this being in Section 1 of Ganges Township, Allegan County. David, was b. here October 27, 1846Alvin went to work in the lumber camps at such other occupations as he  could
find.  Later, across the road in Section 36 of Saugatuck Township, he cleared up the 100 acre farm on which he now lives and has now a comfortable home in which to pass his declining years.  It was here that three more children were born, Horace, b. October 4, 1848, this being the same year they moved to Saugatuck Township; Orrin, b. October 1, 1852; and Hattie E. b. January 24, 1862. In about 1855, Alvin Superintended the management of the "big boarding house in Singapore,"  and had contract to keep the slabs and refuse clear from the big mill at Singapore.
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This is the house across the road. It is in the SE corner of sec. 36 Saugatuck Township. At the time of this writing it was owned by Robert  and Lue Crane.

     Alvin and Clois's Children:

     Sarah, married James H. Miller and died September 5, 1852, One daughter Allie.

     Minerva,  1st married Milo Barber, 2 daughters, Elsie and Almira; 2nd married  David Barrington, children Edward and Clois and resides in Clyde Township, Allegan County; Minerva d. April 14, 1901.

     William Waterman, "Wat", had no children, he 1st married Hettie W. Wilson who d. August 11, 1911; 2nd married Roxie Starkey. Wat was a mechanic in Fennville where he owned and operated a general repair shop and furniture salesroom. William was killed in an auto accident May 7, 1914.

     Cornelia, became the wife of Walter Pullman, 2 sons, Alvin and Walter Alvin. cornelia d. June 14, 1924. They lived in Clyde Township.

     David, d. September 5, 1852;

     Horace, married Lessetta Walter, four children, Cloyd Elmer, Orrina Emera, Asa Earl and Ora. His occupation was farmer. He d. November 10, 1925.

    Orrin, married Luella Mills who was b. September 17, 1858. one child Clois C., who married Warren L. Duell.  At one time they  resided with his father, assisting him to conduct the farm. Orrin d. January 29, 1929.

     Hattie E. married Fremont N. Arnold on September 15, 1877. He was b. October 23, 1857 and d. December 24, 1924. they resided in Clyde Township.
     Children of Fremont and Hattie Arnold:
     Eva, b. July 4, 1879, md. Glen Richards 1899.
     Lillie, b. May 29, 1884, md. 1st Roy Bale, 2nd Arnold Walter.
     Floyd, b. March 6, 1882, md. Ella B. Whiting 1915, on 1 daughter. Evelyn.
     Clare, b. May 4, 1889, md. 1st Nina Bale who d. 1901, 2nd Marcia Bassett, 3rd Bernice __.
     Glenn, b. Dec. 1893, md. Beryl D. Corcoran 1919.

     Clois, the mother of these children d. March 24, 1874. On December 25, 1877 Alvin remarried to Mrs. Abigail Squier. Nine years later, Abigail d. May 22, 1886. Alvin d. September 22, 1895 at his farm home in Saugatuck Township. Both Clois and Alvin were buried across the road in the Hutchins Cemetery located on the Harrison Hutchins farm, N.E. corner, Section One, Ganges Township.

     Alvin was a fine example of what may be accomplished by a brave spirit in the face of overwhelming discouragement's and won the respect and esteem of all who know him by his upright, honest life.  In politics, Mr. Hutchins was a Republican relating to the progress of his township and county. They were all honored and respected citizens of the community.

The grand children of Alvin and Clois Hutchins have settled mostly in western Allegan County while the descendants of Harrison and Laura Hutchins have migrated to the four corners of America.  The Hutchins family of Allegan county is primarily the posterity of Alvin.

From: The Hutchins Family in Allegan County. By  Evert O. Hutchins.