Cloyd Elmer and Bertha (Rowe) Hutchins
A Sketch created in 19th Century History
     CLOYD ELMER HUTCHINS was b. October 15, 1875, the oldest son of Horace and Lizzette (Walter) Hutchins. His father was the son of Alvin and Clois (Fuller) Hutchins, who migrated to Michigan in August of 1844 and settled in Ganges Township, Allegan County. In 1848, the year Horace was born, Alvin and his family moved on to their 100 acre farm across the road from his brother Harrison, being in Section 36 of Saugatuck township. Alvin and Clois had eight children.Horace and Lizzette had four children, Cloyd Elmer, Orrin, Asa Earl, and Ora.

     Cloyd Elmer md. Bertha (Rowe) of Allegan area about 1900.  They lived many years in the Saugatuck area where their five children were born. View: the children.
......Helen, b. 1903, md. Alva Ash and they made their home in East Saugatuck.
......Keith, b. 1905, md. Beatrice "Bea" (Reed) Stevenson and they lived for many years at the north end of Rose St. up on the hill. They had no children but Bea had a son Robert Louis Stevenson by her previous marriage.
......Lawrence,"Ike" b. August 5, 1906, md. Helen (Bale), daughter of Lawrence and Freda Bale. they had 10 children, Marilyn, James, Sally, Dale, Joann, Richard, David, Max, Keith, and Connie.
......Dorothy, b. 1911, md. Richard Bale, brother to Helen Bale. they had no children.
......Irwin, b. Nov. 27, 1915, md. Lois Marie (Sheckler Bouwman) on April 19, 1946. they had no children but Lois had three children H. LaVerne Bouwman, Carolyn Jean Bouwman, and Arleen Lois Bouwman.

L/R Keith, Ike, Dorothy, Helen, Irwin
Also at the 50th Wedding Anniversary

Bertha and Elmer on their 50th Wedding Anniversary
held at the Hospitality House in Fennville.

     Sometime after 1920,  Elmer and Bertha moved their family to Fennville and lived out their years in a house on the hill behind the high school. the house was build by Elam Atwater Fenn. His brother Asa and Darlene Hutchins had lived there before Elmer.  Albert Crane has a story here where their son Irwin "Red" would wait until the last bell was rung at school and he would run while still dressing and eating, trying to beat the bell. The janitor "Vern Whittaker", while watching his watch, keep the bell ringing right up to the last minute. Red and Albert both played basketball at Fennville High.

     Elmer was a truck driver by trade, delivering coal and later oil. He also worked with his son Keith at the cider mill. In his declining years you would see him walking down the hill to the pool hall to play cards, all day.