Lawrence "Ike" and Helen (Bale) Hutchins
A Sketch created in 19th Century History
.....LAWRENCE "IKE" E. HUTCHINS was born August 5, 1906 to Elmer and Bertha Hutchins in Saugatuck Township. Lawrence's great-great-grandfather, David Hutchins was born in Vermont.  His great-grandfather, Alvin was born also born in Vermont, His grandfather, Horace was born across from Crane's Pie Restaurant and his father Elmer in the same area. Ike had two brothers, Keith and Irwin "RED" and two sisters, Helen (Ash) and Dorothy (Bale).
.....On  April 6, 1935, Lawrence married Helen M. Bale in South Bend, Indiana.  Helen was born March 1, 1915 to Lawrence and Freda Bale.

.....Lawrence had two uncles, Orrin Emera married Daisy (Hadley) and Asa Earl married Darlene (Sherman) who had four children, Alvin E., Russell, Fern and Mary Jane.  His Aunt Ora married Fred Thorsen and had one son Fredrick. On his mother's side his Uncle Clark married Jennette (Prouty), his Aunt Maude married Randy Barrett, his Aunt Leona married Lawrence Hoffmaster and Uncle Ralph's wife's name was Florence.

....Helen, on her father's side, had Aunt Bess who married William Whitbeck, they had two children John and Margaret,

Helen's Uncle Jim married Florence (Dutcher) and had one son George Ellice, who married Marian Edgecomb, they had two sons.   On Helen's mother's side, her parents Homer and Lydia (Lake) Bale, Freda's brother Roy who married Lillie (Arnold) they had two sons, Walter and Arnold.  Roys second wife was Marie with whom he had two sons, John and Bill Bale. Freda's sister Anna married Ernie Crane, Her sister Nina married Clare Arnold, Her brother Lacy married Helen (Redeker) and had a son Howard, Lacy later married Leva ( Cassidy), Freda's brother Ned, who owned the the Pontiac dealership in Fennville,  married Kathryn (Richards) who had four sons Homer "Beesie", Jack, Ned "Pug" and Phillip "Skip" and a daughter Sharon.
Ike and Helen had ten children who all reside in the Fennville area except Dale and JoAnn:

Back Row/  Richard, JoAnn, Dale and David
Front Row/ Max, Marilyn, James w/ connie, Sally and Keith
.....Marilyn, b. June 21, 1936 md. Donald Nye and have four children.
.....James, b. Janurary 16, 1938 md. Maria Elaina (Ingallinero) and have one daughter.
.....Sally, b. December 7, 1938 md. Lester Bell and have six children.
.....Dale, b. November 2, 1939 is divorced and has two children. He lives in Virginia.
.....JoAnn, b. July 19, 1941 md. Walter McElyea and have three children. She lives in Arkansas.
.....Richard, b. Janurary 8, 1943 md. Sharon (Jennings) and have one daughter.
.....David, b. June 4, 1944 md. Debra (Hapke) and have one daughter.
.....Keith, b. May 31, 1947 md. Janice (McLoud) and have three children.
.....Max Leroy, b. May 31, 1947 was killed in November of 1954.
.....Connie, b. August 9, 1950, md. Tommie Giles and have two children.

..... Ike retired from Consumers Power Company in 1969 due to ill health, he passed away April 22, 1981, age 74+.  Helen, who had a wealth of family information, passed away in 2001, age 86.