In 1953
The FENNVILLE MILLING COMPANY was the heart of the areas farm needs.

The author "LaVerne Bouwman" of this web page, a 1953 graduate, took the above photo while Bob Hanson flew their 2 seater Cub.
LaVerne knew this town well back then. His morning paper route brought him to the mill and the whole town, every day. His last
stop however, was always Cady's Restaurant where he bought toast before getting on to school.
LaVerne and his mother worked in Tabor's Drug Store at the same time. It was the Awful Awful Sundae that was popular then.
LaVerne also bought rabbit food and salt at the mill, he lived just 3 blocks away.
He had another tie to the mill, he sat with the Landsburg's two boys. When they were in bed, he listened to their short wave radio.